Going Without Challenge

A charity fundraiser for Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

The TalentSphere team, friends and family effort

In January 2019 our friend, business partner, Managing Director and Father of 4, Peter Humphrey was diagnosed with an Astrocyoma Brain Tumour.

Through radiation treatment and during ongoing chemotherapy, Pete has displayed unbelievable courage, tenacious positivity, and through it all, he has never lost his sense of humour.

Currently there is no cure for brain cancer, yet important research continues to find ways of improving the lifestyle of those affected, elongating their life expectancy and most importantly, seeking to find a true cure.

Peter has touched every one of our lives within the TalentSphere Staffing Solutions team, and for all of us, he has changed our lives for the better. With our team spread across Canada and Ireland, the “Going Without Challenge” has been designed to allow anyone, in any location to participate towards this very personal cause. In a situation where you want to be able to act and “do something” positive to help, this is our way of being able to support Pete, his family, and others living with brain tumours.

The idea is simple - you choose to go ‘without’ something important (maybe coffee, maybe tv, maybe alcohol, sugar, cursing, etc) for a month to help those ‘with’ a brain tumour. You ask for sponsorship from family and friends and with every dollar raised we help in the fight against brain tumours.

Since 1985 Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has raised over $3.5 million that has been invested in brain tumour research. The funding directly supports research into causes and treatments through project grants, studentships and fellowships.

We maintain HOPE and can make a difference to bring research closer to finding a cure. With your fundraising efforts you can support this important research in the name of our friend Pete. 


Without….for A Cure Challenge

1)  Choose something that you are willing to go WITHOUT for 30 days to support brain tumour research.

2)  Sign up and share your WITHOUT on your personal page.

3)  Challenge your family and friends to support you during your WITHOUT period.