Maryland Brain Tumor Walk

Team Julie

I am so excited to jump into another year with our Maryland Brain Tumor Walk family celebrating Julie and so many other survivors, as well as remembering those we have lost to brain tumors!

As many of you know, Julie's story began when she was only 9 years old and her 41 year journey as a GBM survivor has been remarkable. She continues to fight against many effects from this disease including a compromised immune system, challenges with her fine and gross motor skills, and her ability to hear, process and communicate. At the same time, she never hesitates to offer a smile, insert her quick wit to answer a question, and do whatever is asked of her to continue to regain strength and a better quality of life. Julie is the epitome of "never give up" and we love her for her inspiration, her sense of humor and her patience with those of us who can never really walk a day in her shoes, but try to understand how she manages to bring such a positive outlook to others.

Join us on Team Julie - as a team member or a virtual participant as we continue to raise funds for the most immediate needs of our patients and families during this time of COVID, along with continued research for a cure. Your generosity to support the work of NBTS and so many dedicated people in the brain tumor and medical community is so apprecaited!

Let's pull together in any way we can to show Julie and our community how much we honor and love them!

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National Brain Tumor Society is fiercely committed to finding a cure for brain tumors. They are aggressively driving strategic research and advocating for public policies that meet the critical needs of the brain tumor community. Your support ensures this important work will continue.

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