Central New Jersey Brain Tumor Walk

Emma's Eliminators

     “Emma’s Eliminators” is walking in honor of Emma Gilardi.  Emma is 21 years old and was diagnosed with a menigioma tumor in May 2016.  Her story is as follows  "My brain tumor story dates back to my senior year of highschool in 2013. It was in this year that I started experiencing these spells in which my entire right side of my body would go into extreme, electric pain for a few minutes and then go numb. Since I had a history of anxiety, my doctor said it must be just an anxiety attack. These spells continued about a few times a month for years. No other help was sought since my family thought they were just anxiety. Then, May 19, 2016 happened.
     On May 19th, when I was 19, I had a seizure at about 1:30am. After multiple scans, x-rays, and tests I was given the news that I had a menigioma tumor on the left frontal part of my brain. I had surgery the next day to remove the tumor and they removed everything except a tiny piece that was on an artery. I was out of the hospital in a little over a week and was looking forward to radiation and recovery. Unfortunately, a month later I had to go back to the hospital. I ended up contracting an infection in my incision that also infected my skull. This led to my craniotomy in June. I had a piece of my skull missing from June until July.
     I went back to get my prosthetic skull put in my head in July. A day after my cranioplasy I had to have another surgery do to drainage problems in my head. I had a spinal tap for about five days to fix this. (side note: I still have an issue with the drainage but it has gotten significantly better!) After having my four surgeries it was time to get my radiation! I had Gamma knife radiation in September of 2016.
     I still have scarring on my brain, but nothing is growing back and I am still here!"

     We walk for Emma as well as everyone else fighting thorugh a brain tumor.  We will find a cure.


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