2019 Race For Hope - DC

Barrie's Beehive

It was a clear signal this morning when I saw a (very cold) Robin perched outside the window that it was time to send this update!  Never ever did it occur to Randy or myself that we would be the ones to get the Barrie's Beehive ball rolling.  


September 24th seems like yesterday and it also feels like a lifetime ago.  We miss our Captain each day and she will be sorely missed on race day, but her spirit will be instilled in each of us as we run/walk through our Nation's Capital for this noble cause.

Giving back was important to our sister, Robin, in every facet of her life.  She took great pride in and showed unwavering commitment for, the National Brain Tumor Society’s Race for Hope in Washington, DC.  Robin, with incredible dedication, rallied “Barrie’s Beehive” annually to raise awareness and funds to advance the research and support for those affected by brain cancer.

Channeling the strength of Robin, her never ending spirit of giving and her love, we are pleased to share that Barrie’s Beehive will continue in 2019, a tradition first started in 2011, in honor of our mother, Barrie Collins, who succumbed to the disease only a few months after diagnosis.   

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