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As in years past those who have been out on that Sunday morning get to see and can attest to how moving this experience will be.  They always start the event with a tribute to "Survivors" and for those who did not make it.  This is such an intense moment for me as one of the blessed ones that can get out there and participate.  You'll see many folks out there from young kids to older adults and it's extremely gratifying to walk to the start with these folks as we prepare for the start of the fun run.  I'll guarantee you you will see folks lined up along the fence line as we are all given a big tribute and will see those with tears in their eyes. 

As in every year since I've done this we'll line up in a column of two and jaunt through the streets singing a little Marine Corps cadence at about a 10 minute pace.  Even if you fall back don't worry as I will come back and pick you up once we are done.  This is an experience most will never forget.

I hope to see as many of you out that Sunday morning; however, your charitable donation will open the door for further research as the National Brain Tumor Society and the Accelerate Brain Cancer Community continue to search for the causes of this disease.


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Gunnys Team 2018


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