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My journey began on December 14, 2011 when I was diagnosed with a tumor in the right frontal lobe of my brain.  I had no risk factors and no warning.  All I had were too many mistakes when I typed, which made me think something was wrong with my left hand.  My first thought was carpal tunnel, but my neurologist ruled that out.  I still knew something was wrong so I did not stop there.  I continued to talk to my doctor and thankfully, he listened.  He pursued additional testing and to the surprise of all of us, an MRI showed a brain tumor.  I had surgery the next day to remove the tumor, which turned out to be a Stage 4 glioblastoma (more affectionately known as GBM).  The diagnosis was grim. I spent the next 13 months in treatment - radiation with chemotherapy, chemotherapy by itself, physical therapy, and of course, drug therapy to counteract the side effects of all this fancy treatment.  It was miserable to say the least.  I couldn't eat. Then all I did was eat.  I couldn't sleep.  Then all I did was sleep.  I lost weight.  Then, you guessed it, I gained weight.  Psalm 91 became my anchor and still remains so.  I knew I would get through.  I knew I would survive.  I knew I would conquer.  I believed in God for my healing and so did scores of prayer warriors who prayed me through the most difficult trial of my life.  And I did get through it.  I did survive.  I did conquer.  It's now been more than 7 years! WHAT A MIRACLE!!!!
I was blessed to have had access to the very best, specialized life-saving medical and scientific technology my condition required exactly when and where I needed it. The advancements that made this possible for me would not have been available had it not been for publicly and privately funded research; research that must continue until a cure for brain cancer is found.  I am walking in my 8th Race for Hope to raise awareness and money for brain cancer and brain tumor research; research that holds the promise of better treatments and yes, a cure!  In my first Race, my "crew" and I decided on short notice to participate in the walk. I was still undergoing chemotherapy at the time, but we finished the course and raised over $3500!  The next year, we elevated our status to an official team and we became TEAM INCREDIBLES because that is what this team is made of: Incredible family...Incredible friends...Incredible fighters...Incredible believers...Incredible warriors...INCREDIBLE SURVIVORS!
Team Incredibles has participated in Race for Hope DC every year since and we have raised nearly $25,000 since 2013. We return this year to make even bigger strides. We know that each step we take in this Race brings us closer to ending cancer. 

Won't you be INCREDIBLE with us by supporting this worthy cause with your participation or sponsorship.  We are, and will remain, incredibly grateful! 



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