2019 Race For Hope - DC

Mike Coda's Little Tigers

Among the remarkable things in life is that life goes on after a seemingly unbearable tragedy. Mike Coda succumbed to a glioblastoma in 2004. He was with us that year at the Race for Hope, which makes this the 16th time we will gather to honor him and 15th year since he died. What a lot has transpired in that time. His kids have grown up. The foundation he laid for them was strong and they have built on it. The organization he worked for and was devoted to, the Nature Conservancy, continues to do great work--some of it in his name, through the Coda Fellowship program. 

Then there's brain cancer, an intractable foe. I see incremental progress. Average life expectancy for those with glioblastoma is creeping up from the 50 weeks we were told in 2000. At the time, Mike's 4-year survival seemed almost miraculous. Now, more and more people are gathering at the far end of the Bell curve. A dear friend made it 11 years. So there is hope.

Please help fund the research that may bring us a cure. Join Mike Coda's Little Tigers. And if you can, join us on Sunday, May 5, 2019, for the Race for Hope.

Thank you!


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