2019 Race For Hope - DC

Faye relaxing on Raystown Lake, PA.
Faye relaxing on Raystown Lake, PA.

Super Duper Brain Troopers!

The team Super Duper Brain Troopers! is celebrating 18 years of raising money in hopes that one day there will be a cure for brain tumors. 

Super Duper Brain Troopers! was originally formed to support Faye Wade. This past November marks 9 years since Faye lost her battle with this disease. We still miss Faye and often think about how terrible it was for her to be taken from us so early in her life. Faye loved her special day at the Race for Hope. She loved to go to the Survivor Tent and give encouragement to other survivors and check out all the great goodies they had for survivors. Race for Hope was the one day she felt special to be a survivor. The Super Duper Brain Troopers! vowed to keep the tradition going and make Race for Hope a day to celebrate Faye and all the brave people fighting brain tumors.

Tim Marks joined the Super Duper Brain Troopers! in 2015, one year after two successful surgeries and the successful completion of daily radiation therapy and oral chemotherapy for a Grade II Astrocytoma. Tim has walked each year since 2015, not only as a survivor, but also in memory of Faye whom he also had the honor and privilege of knowing. As fate would have it, Faye and Tim were both patients of the same radiation oncologist at Johns Hopkins, albeit in different eras. Tim looks forward to the annual Race for Hope each year and intends to participate for as long as God will allow it.

The Super Duper Brain Troopers! run/walk in memory of Faye and in support of all who are battling tumors, especially Tim. Thank you for your support of Faye and Tim as we work to help find a cure for brain tumors! Tumors don’t care, but we do!



The Race for Hope - DC presented by Cassidy Turley raises funds to support innovative research initiatives and provide information for brain tumor patients and their families. This amazing event relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of individuals, families, teams, volunteers, sponsors and donors. Thank you for your support in helping us find a cure for brain tumors!


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