2019 Race For Hope - DC

Alex at the 2017 Race for Hope
Alex at the 2017 Race for Hope

Cooper Troopers

Alex Cooper is starting his fourth year as a brain cancer survivor. The visible evidence of his surgery and treatment continue to diminish and his visits to the National Institutes of Health are now only required once every four months. MRI imaging shows that his brain continues to get more comfortable in the space where his cancer was served a rude eviction. However, Alex's fight with brain cancer continues, as there is no such thing as remission for this type of cancer. Oligodendrogliomas are a rare form of brain cancer, constituting only 4% of all brain cancers, and little is understood about them.

Because of their rarity, support networks are hard to come by. But Alex has been blessed with the tremendous good fortune of great friends, his strong wife Maggie, and a 2 1/2 year old daughter, Maura Kate, who has a megawatt smile and personality (and opinions) for days. Other than what some call a unique hairdo, you would be hard pressed to find evidence that this is a man living with an incurable form of brain cancer.

Former Vice President Joe Biden's "Moonshot" cancer research program has created more direct funding to further explore rare brain cancers like Alex's. Alex is now part of a newly formed department within NIH specifically focused on Oligodendrogliomas as a result of this funding. 

Once again, Alex and his family will be raising money for the Race for Hope, a nonprofit committed to fighting all forms of brain cancers, with a new appreciation for how important funding is to efforts to research and eradicate this horrible disease. If you are able, please join us, either in person or through donations, to help us participate in this great cause!

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