2019 Race For Hope - DC

Mising Mack
Mising Mack

Team Mack Daddy

2019- Race For Hope - DC in honor of Mack McKee

Have you heard about the cancer cap?  I read an article that interviewed a man who was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor.  This is a VERY aggressive tumor, and the one that took Mack.  Anyway, this man is trying out a new cap he wears on his head and it is treating the tumor.  Four weeks, and his tumor is shrinking!!  How amazing is that!!  I don't know where this amazing 'Cancer Cap' came from, but I like to think that the contributions of Team Mack Daddy over the last nine years of our participation with the National Brain Tumor Society helped in some way.  I mean THIS is why we do what we do. 

The Race for Hope is not just another its a chance for people to make a difference by making donations for brain tumor research, even though it does.  The sad fact is that there are so many disease in our world today and the search for a cure for brain tumors often gets overlooked. Heres your chance to help. If you want to register for the 5K, its only 40 bucks, which counts towards our team fund raising goal AND you get a free t shirt! You can run, jog or walk, it makes no difference! If you cannot be in Washington, DC on Sunday May 1st, you can sign up to be a virtual runner and still help us reach our goal! The bottom line is that it takes money to fight this illness and ANY amount can be donated and counted towards our team goal. If you would like to help out this great cause, please sign up now and share our link with your friends and family.  Brain tumors and cancer affect more people then you think!

2019 marks our 13th year without Mack. Some days it seems like forever since I've heard his voice and others it seems like it was just yesterday. This year is also 9th year of Team Mack Daddy and our participation in the Race for Hope. We are very excited to be joined once again, by our closest friends and family to honor Mack in a way we couldnt do alone. Please consider supporting us and our efforts to help to secure a cure in honor of Mack!

The Race for Hope - DC presented by Cassidy Turley raises funds to support innovative research initiatives and provide information for brain tumor patients and their families. This amazing event relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of individuals, families, teams, volunteers, sponsors and donors. Thank you for your support in helping us find a cure for brain tumors!

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