2020 Race For Hope DC

Sisters of Hope

(I was forgetting a lot of things). I told my boyfriend I will go this week (to a doctor)- I swear. Well 3 weeks went by… I was teaching a class at work when I forgot everything I was teaching. . I said to myself I’m not going to panic. I was going to go to urgent care.

The doctor asked why are you here?I said “I don’t know why I am here, I’m just forgetting a lot stuff”. She thought I was crazy… so she proceeded to ask “what is today’s date, where am I…”. I told her “it’s not like that”. Then she talked to my boyfriend over the phone. She decides to run all the blood tests and perform a CT scan. Next thing I know I was on my way to the hospital…

It was May 15, 2018 when I got the news I had stage 4 Glioblastoma. Now I had heard of eye tumors since I work for Retinal Specilaists , but I never heard of glioblastoma. May 18, 2018 was the day I had surgery. The doctor removed about one third of my brain.. He couldn’t remove all of the tumor, because the brain is like “mush” and it would risk damaging the healthy parts.

When they cut your brain out - you don’t know how much you really lose. The tumor was on the left side, fortunately it hadn’t touched my brain stem. So I was lucky. I lost use of my entire right side after surgery.

While I was in ICU, I had to get MRIs and CT Scans often - blood work every hour. I had two weeks to recover. The therapist at VA hospital centerhelped me recover.

I’m still currently recovering. I will just jog/walk this race to thank all my caregivers. To show how much they are appreciated. I’d like to thank my sisters (Somphane and Davone) and my husband, Chadd, who helped take me to all my appointments, radiation , chemotherapy and so much more! Their love and support means so much to me.

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