2020 Race For Hope DC

Team BT's Fighters
Team BT's Fighters

Team BT


Thank you for joining and/or donating to Team BT!

We are very truly grateful to all of you for participating/sponsoring Team BT and supporting Accelerated Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2) and the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS).  Your support for this event, and throughout the past 15 years, has been absolutely amazing!  You have helped provide hope to so many by generously giving your time, energy, and donations to a charity that is closest to our hearts; for that we are forever thankful. 

I am so proud of all that we, TEAM BT, have accomplished, but we have so much more to do! Especially for the most innocent of us, the children that have been afflicted with this terrible disease.  It is for them that we work so hard and “hope” for a cure, so that they can continue to dream and reach such amazing heights.  

Similar to past years, Team BT will include additional Team Captains to support and remember those that have battled this terrible disease.  Each Captain will be a strong advocate for research and medical breakthroughs to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.  For 2020, Team BT will continue to raise thousands of dollars for brain tumor/cancer research and provide strength, support, survival, and most of all HOPE!  

In Honor and Memory of Others 

Over the years, we have heard so many stories from others about how brain tumors/cancer has impacted their lives, whether through a relative, co-worker, or friend that has had the disease. On Sunday, May 3, 2020, many of us on Team BT will be running, walking, or supporting from the sidelines at the Race for Hope - DC for all of those that have battled this disease and aren't able to run.  If you know of a person that is battling or lost their battle with brain cancer or a brain tumor, please send us their full name to teambt@verizon.net and we will add them to our list as a celebration of their life and will put their names on the back of this year's Team BT shirts in their honor/memory, so others can see whom TEAM BT runs for. 


For the last fifteen years, we have shared our stories, helped raise more than $1 million dollars, and provided testimony to the US Food & Drug Administration on the behalf of new drug therapies in an effort to ensure patients and professionals gain access to the most innovative and promising treatment options.   In November 2011, Team BT was honored by the NBTS by awarding a BethAnn Telford Chair in System Biology, which will support the University of Florida on research in the application of complex adaptive system approach to managing tumor populations.  In 2009, Team BT was also honored with the BethAnn Telford Chair of Research grant to support the Cleveland Clinic on targeting radiation resistance to brain tumor stem cells.

Everyone who gives to Team BT and other Race for Hope Teams can be so happy that their money goes into research to find a cure and improve the quality of life for those affected by brain tumors.  Team BT, BethAnn, her family and friends have given new hope to those suffering from brain cancer and cancer in general. They have proved that anyone, even the most ordinary person, can do something to help in the race for a cure.

"Although I have lost many of my friends to this disease, their struggle and others made it possible to bring Team BT together. Brain cancer can be the worst of all cancers striking anyone, but now there is something we can do to help, and real hope on the horizon that this can be cured if we never, never, never, give up." – BethAnn

For more information please visit www.teambt.org

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