2020 Race For Hope DC

Smiley Rileys


Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you may already know, this year our team will be walking for two incredible Rileys!  They are neighbors, dear friends and two of the bravest kids we know. Riley Picinich was diagnosed with a benign tumor in the fall of 2013 and it changed her life in many ways. In the Spring of 2016, Riley Thompson was diagnosed with a brain tumor as well. The Thompson family had to make the courageous decision to have Riley’s tumor surgically removed in July of 2016. Please read these two stories about two amazing kids.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this cause which is very dear to our families.


For the last five years our family has walked in The Race for Hope in honor of our dear friend and neighbor, Riley Picinich . Riley is a sweet, brave, loving little girl living with a benign brain tumor on her pituitary gland. We walked with our friends to show our support for Riley and for all of those who have been affected by brain tumors.

Little did we know as we walked alongside our friends in May 2016 that our own sweet Riley had a brain tumor that would soon be discovered. In fact, it was the end of May when we noticed that Riley was having seizures. After several doctor appointments we heard the news no parent ever wants to hear, "They found something."  Those were words that would change our lives forever. Riley had surgery to remove his tumor in July 2016. Thankfully, his tumor was benign and the surgery was a success. We were so lucky that our son's tumor could be removed without causing him any harm and that he did not require any further treatment. Not everyone diagnosed with a brain tumor is so lucky.  Riley went through this entire experience with a smile on his face and courage beyond his years.  He is now monitored with MRIs every 6 months to be sure that the tumor has not returned.  

This year we will walk with the Picinichs again and we will do it for our two incredibly special, brave kids. We will walk together for Team Smiley Rileys!!!

We participate in this race to support and celebrate the brain tumor survivors as well as to remember those who lost their battles. We walk to raise money for important research to help those who do not yet have a cure.

We would love to have friends and family join our team and walk with us to support these two incredible Rileys!

The Thompson Family


As some of you may know, our daughter Riley was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor on her pituitary gland in September of 2013. This tumor has caused Riley to grow at a much faster rate and the past few years have been filled with doctors appointments and endless research to help us understand how to treat it. Riley is otherwise in very good health, and we will continue to monitor the tumor and her health as she grows to help determine whether or not to remove it. Six and a half years have passed since her initial diagnosis and thankfully, Riley’s tumor has not changed in size. Riley’s overall rate of growth and growth potential have been affected by this tumor and we continue to work with brilliant endocrinologists to make the best decisions regarding Riley’s physical development. Riley has just started having MRI's every two years to monitor her tumor and we continue to have faith that she will remain healthy. We would love for you all to join us this year and walk with these two very special Rileys.

The Picinich Family


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