2020 Race For Hope DC

Amy (left) and Sarah (right) at a Washington Nationals home game.
Amy (left) and Sarah (right) at a Washington Nationals home game.

Fight For Life! Team Jones & Squires

I am participating in "The Race for Hope - DC" presented by Cushman & Wakefield raises funds to support innovative research initiatives and provide information for brain tumor patients and their families. I created a team name called “Fight For Life! Team Jones & Squires".  The "Team Squires" portion was newly added this year in memory of my dear friend, Amy Squires, who lost her battle with a Glioblastoma or GBM, this past September. Her husband, James, was her rock through their time together, the love of her life, and primary caretaker. We all miss you Amy.

I’d like to invite you to fight alongside me by joining my team, either as a racer, a donator, or volunteer to assist in raising funds to find a cure for this horrible disease.

You may already know, but I want to share a little more about why this fight is so personal to me. In June 2017, I was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma, a grade 3 (out of 4) brain tumor. After brain surgery to remove a grape fruit-sized tumor, half-dose chemotherapy & radiation treatments, and full-dose chemotherapy treatments, I’m still here and ready to keep on fighting. Over the past year, my numerous MRI scans have returned normal results. Hopefully in one more year, I'll be in remission.

Prior to brain cancer, I completed numerous races; the longest was the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. After diagnosis, 5 months post-op, I ran a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. Since then, I kept running numerous races, up to a 10k on Veterans Day 2018. Running is a goal, in which I'd like to be able to return to the Cherry Blossom race again in the near future. However, for now, I'm going to run again in "The Race for Hope -DC".

I have unbelievable support from my family and friends, and am even more determined than ever to continue fighting. Thank you for your support in helping us find a cure for brain tumors.


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