2020 Race For Hope DC

You're All Invited!
You're All Invited!

That Girl Stan

Hey Family, Friends, Friends-of-Friends & Friends-of-Family....If you’re free on May 3rd, join our team as we walk in the Race for Hope. Our team captain, Miss 'That Girl Stan' herself, also known as Stancheka, is two years tumor-free, so this is a celebration for her as well as a chance to raise money so that others may also survive. 


Keep scrolling to read Stancheka's story...

I'm two years brain tumor-free!

In 2018, while pregnant with my baby boy P4, I had ear and headaches, but they said the baby looked good, so I got ear tubes put in and kept it rolling through the pregnancy. A week after having him, I couldnt handle the headache and went to the ER. After a CT scan and MRI, they discovered a meningioma tumor pressing against my nerves. At first, I was going to let it ride, but once my dr showed me a 3D/ Virtual Reality view of my brain and all the stuff the tumor was pressing against, it was clear that I needed to have surgery to have it removed. Fast forward, on June 14th, I had the 6 hour craniotomy that removed most of the tumor, however a bit was left in my cavernous sinus. It was too risky to go that far during the surgery, so I then had to go through radiation treatments to shrink the stuff that remained.

As of today (2020), there is only scar tissue remaining and the tumor has not grown back. For this, I am thankful and it makes me smile :)

That said, my faicial nerves and muscles are still rebuilding. Due to the tumor and the surgery to remove it, I'm left with trigeminal neuralgia, trigeminal neuropathy, partial facial paralysis, TMJ, tinitis/hearing loss, and a dry eye that makes no tears at all. Altogether it feels like I got punched and tasered at the same time, but if I touch my face, I can’t feel it because its numb to the touch. The numbness/paralysis the left side to not move like the right side. And please note, if you see me not smiling, it’s not that I’m upset, I literally can’t feel my face and can’t tell that I’m not smiling or that I look strange. It’s weird, but it’s life at this point. It may go away and then there is a chance that it’ll stay forever.

Moral of the story is that Brain Tumors Suck! But I say YOLO!! #InItToWinIt

The Race for Hope - DC presented by Cushman & Wakefield raises funds to support innovative research initiatives and provide information for brain tumor patients and their families. This amazing event relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of individuals, families, teams, volunteers, sponsors and donors. Thank you for your support in helping us find a cure for brain tumors!

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