2020 Race For Hope DC

Americans Running for a Canadian

Hope.  Such a small word.  Yet, such an important part of life.  In February of 2014, hope took on new meaning in my life. My sister's then fiance, Greg, was diagnosed with a Stage IV brain tumor.  Over the course of that year Greg and my sister, Becky, fought an uphill battle with grace, dignity, and perseverance.  They never complained or asked why this happened to them.  Instead they were determined to keep fighting and enjoy every second together.  They did so by surrounding themselves by friends and family, celebrating birthdays and holidays, taking vacations, and, most importantly, by getting married in a beautiful, love-filled ceremony in August 2014.  Unfortunately, we lost Greg on March 1, 2015.  Even though we lost a wonderful person to this horrible disease, we have not lost hope.  Hope that no one else has to lose a loved one.  Hope that those battling brain tumors know that we will not give up on them.  Hope that we can and will find a cure.  So, please help us keep both hope and Greg's spirit alive by joining us in this amazing cause!  

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