2020 Race For Hope DC

Shital in 2009
Shital in 2009

Shakti for Shital

The Race for Hope - DC presented by Cassidy Turley raises funds to support innovative research initiatives and provide information for brain tumor patients and their families. Thank you for your support in helping us find a cure for brain tumors!

Join the annual Shakti for Shital Team!! We have raised over $20,000 over the years thanks to your generous donations!!


Shital's Story

Born Shital Shantilal Gala on May 19, 1980 in Anaheim, CA, Shital had a very fun and happy childhood. She was involved in local Jain (religious) community activities and was always selfless in everything she did.

She had the opportunity to see nearly every corner of the globe, she went skydiving, bungee jumping experiencing all that life has to offer.

She worked for one of the most prestigious consulting firms after finishing her MBA in just 1.5 years. She married her husband in 2006 and lived a happy life.

Her Battle

In February of 2008, Shital was diagnosed with a grade 2 astrocytoma brain tumor. During the surgery to remove the tumor, Shital had a stroke, but her resilience allowed her to recover well and resume a normal life. In February of 2010, a PNET tumor was found, and she under went aggressive chemotherapy and radiation to treat it. In March of 2011, a grade 3 glioma was found and removed by surgery followed by treatments for meningitis and pnemonia. In August, a grade 4 tumor was found, and she underwent a clinical trial with stem cells in the hope to further research so that others may not go through everything she has. Shital passed away peacefully in September of 2011 surrounded by her friends and family.

Throughout all of her treatments and illnesses, Shital was brave and never complained about the suffering she endured.

Please join me in the fight against brain tumors by making a donation to my fundraising campaign to support the National Brain Tumor Society so that others may not go through what Shital and her family have.

All donations are tax-deductable.

Thank you for your continued support!

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