2020 Race For Hope DC

Gunny‚'TMs Team 2019
Gunny‚'TMs Team 2019

The Gunny's Team

Well gang it's that time of the year where I send out requests for your support to the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure (ABC2) in raising funds against the fight against brain tumors.

As many of you know this is extremely personal for me but I've been one of the lucky ones.  Although we did trabble to Ireland the weather sucked as it cancelled the swim and delayed the race.  I was able to complete the bike even as it rained throughout the bike but it was not my day because I missed the time and couldn't do the run.  I realize some of you are trying to ascertain why I do these events and it's because I'm truly blessed and as long as I can push through these Ironmans (IM) I will.  As fate would have it I was given an opportunity to do a US IM which was Maryland and lucky for me I completed it and finished 3 minutes before midnight.  For those of you that will look for me in IMMD my overall time was 17:04 which shows me as DNF but coming in and hearing my name and getting my medal and shirt so as far as I'm concerned I've it.  No IMs in 2020 as I'm dealing with some left ankle injuries and heel spurs but you can't on me being there for this 5k. 
"The Gunny's Team" hopes you will donate to this great cause and more importantly if you can join Kristine and I on the 3rd of May at Freedom Plaza we'd be excited to see you that day.  Understand many of you live long distances and can't attend but appreciate any donation towards "The Gunny's Team".   


JD Caraway (The Gunny)



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