2020 Race For Hope DC

The Video Rangers

After a brief hiatus, the Video Rangers Are Back -- and we want you to join us for our 13th year running/walking the Race for Hope!

The family and friends of Stephen Straus are returning to participate in the Race forHope, which raises money for brain cancer research and support services for people battling brain cancer. Thirteen years ago, on May 6, 2007, over 40 people ran/walked together for the first time in green Video Ranger t-shirts in support of Stephen, who by then had battled with a brain tumor for two and a half years.

Although Stephen was not able to participate in the race, his racing Video Rangers joined him at home afterwards to celebrate Stephen's life, strength, and courage for what would be the last time. Each year since, we have joined together again to Race for Hope in Stephen's memory. Over the years, the Video Rangers have raised a total of over $80,000 for brain cancer research and support services.

This year, the race, a 5K run/walk, will be held on the morning of Sunday, May 3.

We hope that you will join us in participating in this important event. We hope that many of you will run or walk with us on May 7. If you cannot run or walk yourself, we hope that you will become a "virtual" team member and help us raise money for this important cause.

Our Team: The Video Rangers

We chose to name our team after Captain Video and His Video Rangers, a television program of the late 1940s and early 1950s, because the program carried great significance for Stephen. When Stephen was a small child, he begged his parents to extend his bedtime from 7 to 7:30 so that he could watch this new sci-fi program. After much persuading, Sam and Dora granted Stephen's request, and Stephen sat down to watch the first episode only to discover that it scared the bejeezes out of him! In addition to the low-tech cardboard spaceships and colored camera filters, Stephen was particularly afraid of the Video Rangers' spacesuits, which featured World War II issue gasmasks. He ran around the den and hid behind the couch in fear. His parents decided that because the program scared little Stephen so much, his bedtime needed to be moved back again -- this time to 6:30! Stephen retold this story so often that many close to him know of Captain Video as his favorite childhood television program.

Shortly after Stephen was first diagnosed with brain cancer, his son Ben located DVDs of the original Captain Video television series, and in Stephen's last years, he and his family and friends enjoyed gathering around to watch a poorly-written, low-tech episode or two of Captain Video and His Video Rangers saving the universe from the evil dictator, Vultura of Atoma, and the traitorous earth scientist, Dr. Tobor.

Captain Video symbolizes the incredible strength Stephen maintained to confront and overcome his fears -- from his childhood fears of aliens and space to the incomparable fears raised by his terminal brain cancer. The same persistence with which Stephen begged his parents to extend his bedtime served Stephen well as he fought a two and a half year battle with brain cancer with strength, wisdom, and great dignity. And it is with persistence that we, Stephen's family and friends, continue to participate in theRace for Hope and do our part to support brain tumor research to facilitate new treatments and, hopefully one day, a cure.

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