2020 Race For Hope DC

Bridget's Brigade

Friends, thank you for taking the time to look at my team site. It’s been 8 years since being diagnosed with a brain tumor so I decided to share some details of my story. Please stay safe and healthy and thank you for supporting my team and the National Brain Tumor Society.

2012: Patrick and I were living in Boston and in the process of relocating to DC for new jobs. I was traveling to DC on a regular basis before our move and about 6 weeks into my new job I had a grand mal seizure in the office cafeteria and a second in the ambulance. My new colleague (and now friend) stayed with me until family arrived. Patrick was in Boston and got on the soonest flight to DC. When I woke up I was told I had a mass in my brain and I gave consent to perform a biopsy. Two weeks later, results came back inconclusive. It was frustrating but we were already road tripping to see neurosurgeons and sending MRI images to hospitals across the country. I chose Johns Hopkins for my second surgery and I was diagnosed with a low grade oligodendroglioma. This is one of the least aggressive brain tumors. My surgeon resected most of the tumor and it was considered a very successful surgery. I didn’t need any additional treatment outside of medication to prevent seizures. A few days after my surgery I participated in the Race for Hope for the first time.

2013: I started Bridget’s Brigade and all of you rallied around me and the cause.

2015: I was experiencing bad headaches and an MRI revealed that my tumor had grown. I underwent radiation in February and March and then started chemo. I was fortunate to tolerate chemo well, I took time off from work and stayed active. The day after finishing chemo in Dec. 2016 Patrick and I flew to Peru to hike the trail to Machu Picchu.

Radiation and chemo were extremely effective and I’ve been in great health for years. In 2017 Patrick and I refocused on a project we started in 2012 — building a family. After considering several options and with the support of my neuro oncologist we decided to work with a fertility doctor to try to get pregnant. Odds were really low and so were our expectations. With a truly amazing team of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and unbelievable science, lots of prayers and a little bit of luck, I got pregnant and Marion was born in July 2019.

Patrick, Marion and I are all healthy and happy and my cup is overflowing with gratitude.

Love to all. Thank you for the 8 years of generosity and love.

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