National Brain Tumor Walk & Race for Hope DC

Bang Bang Gang

The days, months and years are a marker for us. It measures the distance from the point in time that we are all forever changed.

What cannot be measured is the number of times you cross our mind and the number of tears shed because we feel your absence.

Believe it or not, you prepared us to live on without you. Your example of courage and endurance, your example of grace, your example of caring for others and fighting for what’s right. You are forever our hero.

Knowing you was an honor, living on in your memory is an honor, making a difference in the lives of others is an honor.


Also, in memory of our Uncle Mike and friend Scott.

The Bang Bang Gang continues to fundraise for the National Brain Tumor Society because we believe in their mission. We believe there is hope for better treatments and a cure and we won’t stop until there is!

Please join our efforts.  To find out about the efforts of the National Brain Tumor Society, please go to  To find out about the NBTS efforts specifically for glioblastoma, go to

Our team is excited to join forces with the National Brain Tumor Society by participating in the first ever National Brain Tumor Walk and Race for Hope-DC in honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Please support our efforts by either registering to join our team or consider making a donation to one of our team member's fundraising efforts. While we continue to navigate living in a virtual space, we are reminded of the benefit it provides; YOU can support this year's event and take part in the program on May 2nd from anywhere in the world! The National Brain Tumor Society is committed to conquering and curing brain tumors — once and for all
Thank you for your support of this critical mission!  For more information on the National Brain Tumor Society, visit
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