National Brain Tumor Walk & Race for Hope DC

Team Lester

Our team is excited to join forces with the National Brain Tumor Society by participating in the first ever National Brain Tumor Walk and Race for Hope-DC in honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month. The Race for Hope - DC raises funds to support innovative research initiatives and support services for brain tumor patients and their families. This amazing event relies on the dedication and enthusiasm of individuals, families, teams, volunteers, sponsors and donors. I would love for you to join Team Lester in this amazing event on May 2, 2021. Thank you in advance for your support in helping us find a cure for brain tumors! 

I am very proud and honored to be the Team Captain for Team Lester, named after my best friend, Anna Asher Lester. Anna was diagnosed in April 2009 and lost her fight against brain cancer on November 15, 2010. When Anna found out she was sick, she immediately went into "fight mode" and never looked back. For 19 months, Anna fought a fight she knew she probably wouldn't win, but she did so with grace, dignity, and strength. She never complained and she never quit - she just took it day by day as best she could. She really was and continues to be an inspiration to me and so many others. 

Even though we are having a virtual event, you can still be a part of our team walk from wherever you are located! If you are interested in joining Team Lester, you can register online by clicking "Team Lester" on this page. You can register to join the team from that page. If you can't participate in the event, but would still like to contribute, you may donate to the cause by clicking on the link titled, "Donate Now." If you would prefer, you can also send your tax-deductible contribution to the address listed below. If you do, please include a printable donation form for with your gift.

Printable Donation Form:

Mail checks (made payable to Race for Hope DC) to: Race for Hope DC, P.O. Box 95066 Newton, MA 02495-0066

2021 will be Team Lester's 11th year participating and it is a truly inspiring event and I am so proud to be a part of it. Any amount, great or small, helps in the fight. I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

Thank you for your support of this critical mission!  For more information on the National Brain Tumor Society, visit
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