Registration FAQ

Why do I need to log in before I register?
If you were sent a username and password in an email from us, or if you have previously participated in an event, you are recognized by the online registration system as an existing user account. It is very important that you log in prior to registering to ensure an easy registration process. The system remembers your contact information and automatically fills out most of the registration form for you. In addition, if you have participated previously, your Participant Center address book and any updates you have made to your personal page will also remain intact. In some cases, you may not know that you have a user account. If you do have a user account and attempt to register without logging in, you may receive a system error. You can have your username and password emailed to you if you do not remember them. You will be able to update or change them once you have registered for the event.

Why should I pre-register online?
When you pre-register online, you will gain access to an array of fundraising tools through your own personal Participant Center. Pre-registering also allows you extra time to fundraise and spread awareness about brain tumors. If you would prefer to register by mail, please complete and return this downloadable registration form.

Do I need to register my children?
All children over 5 are required to register and pay the $30 fee. They can be included on your adult registration form, with parent/guardian consent signature.

Is there a team registration fee?
There is no fee for setting up a team. Regardless of whether they are participating on a team, individual participants must pay the registration fee.

If someone registers as an individual, can they still join a team later?
Pre-registered individual participants can still become part of a team. Please e-mail us with the name of the team you would like to join or form and we will make the necessary adjustments for you.

I plan to participate in order to support one of my friends and their team. Do I still have to register?
ONLY pre-registered participants can be on-site at the event on May 16, 2021. Due to State regulations, we will not be able to include spectators or family members; however, we welcome individuals to still register as a virtual walk or ride participant to show their support.

If you still have questions or if we can help further, please email us at