Candlelighters Fun Walk-2021


Candlelighters has served MDACCH Pediatric Families for 27 years.  MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital has supported Candlelighters for the entire 27 years. 

This team is comprised for MDACCH Staff, MDACCH pediatric families, Candlelighters MDACCH Staff and friends and families of all three!

We understand that we all form a team to walk with these families, our families!  The team is asking each walker to raise $100.  Just ask 10 friends or family members for $10 each and VOILA!  You have done it!

Where does the money go?  The money supports our families with parking, gas cards, meal vouchers, emotional support services, various programs and events.  Times are hard, we understand, any donation is greatly appreciated. 

Please join us!

Team Captain

Jaynie Hutchinson

Parent Consultant

Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance

At MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital


Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital

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