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I’m so excited to be walking for Candlelighters this year! 

Candlelighters is an organization that provides daily services for childhood cancer families and the Fun Walk raises money for those services and programs which are offered FREE to children with cancer and their families. This past year looked quite different than most for childhood cancer families, and while the world is slowly getting back to "normal" - Candlelighters must continue to put the immunosupprossed first and has continued to adapt their programs and services to reach families of children with cancer in a safe space in 2021.  

Here's what Fun Walk donations will be used toward this year:

1. Hospital Parking Assistance - this remains Candlelighters #1 request from childhood cancer families 

2. Emotional Support - childhood cancer families are still restricted when it comes to gatherings, hospital visiting guidelines, school attendace and more, so over the last year it's become even more apparent just how important Candlelighters peer-to-peer support efforts are. Our weekly support group meetings have grown, and Candlelighters Parent Consultants (staff who are also parents of childhood cancer survivors) are working around the clock to touch base and check-in with our families and their needs.

3. Gas Cards & Grocery Cards - traveling into the Texas Medical Center is still a financial burden for some families, support in these ways are always appreciated. 

4. Memorial Funds - cancer hasn't quit unfortunately. Children are still being diagnosed and gaining their angel wings. Candlelighters provides financial assistance for families to hold memorial services for their children.

5. NEW 2021 PROGRAMS! Bell Ringing in a Box when Candlelighters polled their families in 2020, they chose where they would like to see Candlelighters make a new effort for children with cancer, and that is helping them celebrate their end of treatment milestone with celebratory supplies for their bell ringing ceremony! Due to hospital restrictions, bell ringing celebrations are still not being offered in the hospitals and so we want to help families celebrate at home with their loved ones.

7. Camp CLIFF cas in 2020, Candlelighters has made the tough decision to hold their family camp, Camp CLIFF, virtually again this year. As always, Fun Walk funds will go towards making this a lifechanging experience for childhood cancer families, even from afar! 

Thank you for supporting my efforts for this amazing organization. Whatever you can give, thank you for helping all the children with cancer and their families that Candlelighters serves!

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