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Building Speech & Quantifying Complexity

Building Speech & Quantifying Complexity™ is a dual approach to treating and evaluating articulatory complexity in child speech.  The Building Speech™ component is based in phonetic science and is an approach for increasing a child's ability to incrementally produce more motorically difficult words.  It is appropriate for children with apraxia of speech and other speech sound disorders and/or a limited number of expressive words.

The Quantifying Complexity™ component is a metric, the Index of Phonetic Complexity (IPC), for calculating the articulatory complexity of a child's word targets and productions.  This tool can be used to assess progress on an ongoing basis in order to document how and when articulatory change happens.

The kit contains a user manual, forms and score sheets, and 790 stimuli cards reflecting the eight Building Speech™ phonetic patterns. 

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