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Anything But Silent 

Anything But Silent

What would you go through as a parent to give your child the power of speech?

Parents dream their children will achieve many great things, but most parents do not dream their children will struggle for years just to speak what is in their hearts and minds. Kathy Hennessy faced this challenge with not one but both of her children when they were diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech.

What does a child feel like when no one in the world understands what she is trying to say?

Imagine the frustration when even your mom doesn’t get it. Young Kate Hennessy understands all too well those feelings of exasperation and defeat.

In this forthright and emotional story, Kathy tells of the mountains they climbed just for her children to have a chance at speech. Hennessy tells of the battles she waged with insurance companies, pediatricians, school systems, and family, while Kate shares her own experiences and those of her brother with bullies, friends, and following their dream.

Written by Kathy Hennessy, CASANA's Director of Education and mom of two young adults who had apraxia and Kate Hennessy, her 23 year old daughter.

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