April 11th - April 22nd (Earth Day)

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The REEL Earth Day Challenge is a fundraiser competition to raise money for the environment and enhance the local community.  With venues ranging from pristine wilderness to immaculate heritage homes only a short distance from the city centre, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks has some of the Lower Mainland’s premier filming, production, and adventure locations. 

Filming in Regional Parks is one way to connect with nature. Members of the BC Film industry also live near our parks, hike the trails, and bring their families to community events. Every year the parks welcome 12 million visitors. This easy access to nature in an urban setting is unique and improves our quality of life.






Humans and nature are interconnected and reliant on each other. To recognize this, in 2022 we have even more amazing projects to fund, and are focused on Connecting Parks and People. Your gift supports Metro Vancouver Regional Parks and the community groups to reconnect people with nature and supports a more sustainable, climate-concience world!  

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Explore Our 2022 Projects By Hovering or Clicking Below:

    Connecting Youth with Nature
    REDC 2022

    $5,000 Connects Tsleil-Wautt Youth With Ancestral Lands

    There could be free transit and programs to help young Tsleil-Wautt reconnect with their ancestral lands in təmtəmíxʷtən/Belcarra Regional Park.

    Free Camping Programs
    REDC 2022

    $15,000 Funds Indigenous Summer Programs For Youth

    This summer, free camping programs can bring Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Youth together in Regional Parks to learn and have fun.

    Capilano River
    REDC 2022

    $10,000 Restores Creekside Habitat in Capilano River Regional Park

    We can help replace harmful invasive species with the native species that make Capilano River Regional Park healthy, beautiful & unique.

    Acadia Beach
    REDC 2022

    $15,000 Brings Nature-Based Climate Action To Acadia Beach

    The storm-damaged shoreline can be restored to a beautiful, climate-change resilient environment for future generations to hold dear.

    təmtəmíxʷtən/Belcarra Regional Park
    REDC 2022

    $25,000 Increases Indigenous Visibility In təmtəmíxʷtən/Belcarra

    Public awareness of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation's cultural history within the area can be raised for present and future generations.

    REDC 2022

    $15,000 Protects Newts & Other Creatures In Capilano River

    We can ensure all creatures, not matter how shy, get the protection they deserve.

    Campbell Valley Regional Park
    REDC 2022

    $10,000 Supports New Collaborative Programs In Campbell Valley

    Park users can be introduced to Indigenous ways of knowing through new collaborative programs in Campbell Valley.

    REDC 2022

    $30,000 Builds A Wetland Home For Frogs & Other Amphibians

    Little tadpoles can thrive in a new seasonal pond on the Perimeter Trail.

    REDC 2022

    $30,000 Highlights Capilano River's Rich Indigenous Heritage

    New Indigenous cultural recognition projects can be developed so that local First Nations stories and history can be shared here in their own words.

    Killarney Lake
    REDC 2022

    $25,000 Enhances Wetland Habitats On Bowen Island

    Local greenery and enhance protections can be put in place for the plants and animals that live in sensitive habitat along Killarney Lake

    Pacific Spirit Regional Park
    REDC 2022

    $50,000 Builds Musqueam Exhibits in Pacific Spirit Regional Park

    Working together with Musqueam Indian Band & artists, exhibits could be developed to share some of the Musqueam stories & place names here.

    An so much more
    REDC 2022

    Support Nature this Earth Day

    Make a team, donate below, or pledge to fund an entire project as a Project Lead Donor.


Day 9 Champions

How the Challenge Works:

  • There are 9 Daily Challenge Events for fundraising teams to compete in, one each common work day and one running throughout the four-day long weekend. There are also a number of Mini Challenge Events each Challenge day. 
  • Industry sponsors will contribute a "prize" top-up to the each Challenge Event winner's team fundraising total. 
  • The Daily Challenge winner is the Team that raised the most funds that day. The prize amounts vary for each Daily Challenge and Mini Challenge event. The Challenger Team that raises the most funds overall between April 11th, 2020 at 12:00 am and Earth Day, April 22nd at 11:59 pm PT will be recognized as the winner!


Thank You All for Your Support!