REEL Earth Day Challenge 2021 Projects

We in the film community like a challenge!  And we know we can all contribute to a healthy environment and community.

The 2021 REEL Earth Day Challenge is a fundraiser competition to raise money for the environment and enhance the local community.  With venues ranging from pristine wilderness to immaculate heritage homes only a short distance from the city centre, Metro Vancouver Regional Parks has some of the Lower Mainland’s premier filming and production locations. 

Filming in Regional Parks is one way to connect with nature. Members of the BC Film industry also live near our parks, hike the trails, and bring their families to community events. Every year the parks welcome 12 million visitors. This easy access to nature in an urban setting is unique and improves our quality of life.

Your donations during this REEL Earth Day Challenge will go directly to Pacific Parklands Foundation and be put toward the following projects:


 The REEL Earth Day Challenge Supports Local Conservation for a Healthy Planet