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Robotic Pets Give Care and Comfort

Capital Caring Health, one of the nation’s oldest non-profit advanced illness care and hospice providers, is excited to announce our Robotic Companion Pet program.
Robotic Pets Give Care and Comfort

We’re on a mission to provide 1,000 Robotic Companion Pets to our Veteran patients with dementia, plus other Veteran dementia sufferers across Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

These Pets are proven in numerous clinic studies to provide joy, comfort, and interactive companionship to seniors and peace of mind to their families and caregivers.

The proceeds of every donation goes right to work providing a Robotic Companion dog or cat for a Veteran suffering from dementia. You are helping make a huge difference in their lives giving them a reason to smile and alleviating loneliness and depression. Wonderful!

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These special robotic pets respond just like real pets through sight, sound, and touch, and can be with each Veteran around the clock. No allergy issues, just endless love.

Robotic Pets Give Care and Comfort

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