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Colon Cancer Alliance's Undy 5000

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Fundraising Tips
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View this fundraising PDF for useful tips and a list of unique ways to raise money.

 Getting Started:

  • Personalize your personal page through your participant center. 
  • Donate to yourself to get that fundraising thermometer off of $0.
  • Ask three family members to sponsor you for $20 each.
  • Ask three friends to contribute $20 each.
  • Ask three neighbors to contribute $20 each.

 Fundraising Tips:

  • Start early: Don't procrastinate!
  • Educate your donors about the Undy 5000, colon cancer, and why you are participating. Remember - colon cancer is highly preventable, yet it is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. Sadly, 1 in 18 people will be diagnosed with colon cancer throughout their life. By raising funds and awareness of this disease, we can save lives.
  • Suggest higher levels of donating. If a request seems unreasonable, the donor will contribute less. However, if the suggested donation is too small, they will most likely donate that amount.
  • Remember: You’re not asking for this money for yourself. These donations are helping save lives and very often, people are happy to donate! People enjoy being charitable.
  • Follow up on your fundraising letters & emails with friendly reminders to donate.
  • Send out an update on your training and fundraising progresss
  • Send personal thank you notes to your donors.
  • When you’re close to your goal or a benchmark, let people know! When you announce that you’re approaching a mark, they’ll want to help you get there!
  • Carry around donation forms with you in case you get into conversation with someone about the race. Asking for a donation on the spot will be more effective than following up with an email later.
  • Fundraising comes with a lot of "Nos."  Keep a positive attitude and go for the "Yes's." Remember why you’re raising this money.
  • Ask everyone and ask often!

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Add a link to your Personal Page in your email signature block.
  • Post a link to your Personal Page on your Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • Send a text to friends and family directing them to you personal page to donate.
  • Check with your company’s human resources department and see if they do matching gifts.
  • Ask your boss for a company contribution.
  • Ask your friends and family to send your fundraising letter to their email address books. Challenge them to help you raise $200 by getting 10 people to donate $20.
  • Make a “donation thermometer” to hang above your desk at work. Your coworkers will want to help that red line get higher!
  • Recruit more volunteers! Once they hear about how much fun the Undy 5000 is, they’ll certainly be asking you for more information.

Do what you love and make it fun!

  • Hold a bake sale.
  • Walk neighbors’ pets for donations.
  • Donate your yard sale profits.
  • Have a car wash.
  • Host a fundraising party (dinner or cocktails).
  • Include a donation form in party invitations or holiday cards.

Questions about donating?

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