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Reverberation by Jonathan Leeman
Reverberation: How God's Word Brings Light, Freedom, and Action to His People
By Jonathan Leeman

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What's most important in a church? The music? The programs? The preaching? The outreach? Every Christian prioritizes something when looking for a church. And every church leader assumes something is most important. What is it?  

The most powerful force in the universe, says Jonathan Leeman's Reverberation, is God's Word. That fact should affect what Christians are looking for in a church. It should affect what leaders build their churches upon. Reverberation traces the path of God's Word as it emerges from the evangelist and preacher's mouth and then reverberates through the life of the church--to music, to prayers, to discipleship, to transformed lives in the world. Both theological and practical, Reverberation focuses on how the church hears, responds, discusses, implements, and is transformed by the Word.

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