Fundraising tools

So, you’re all ready to fundraise — now what? It’s never been easier to fundraise online. And we know you have what it takes to raise more than you even imagined.

We’ve got ways to help you reach your fundraising potential in no time at all. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling and use your fundraising centre to boost your efforts!

7 ways to make the most of your fundraising

Share your story

If you’re comfortable, share why you got involved in Relay For Life or why raising money for the cancer cause is close to your heart. When you share a personal story, you show how cancer affects us all — which gives friends and family a compelling reason to donate.

Use the app!

Have you downloaded the Relay app? We know you’re busy — this is a great way to send pre-written messages to your friends and family, post on social media, and track your fundraising on the go.

Put a face to your name

Does your page include a photo? Having a photo of yourself, along with a personal message, makes your fundraising page so much more memorable. With everyone leading busy lives, donating isn’t always at the top of their list — give your page a personal touch so people remember to donate.

Get the word out on social media

In today’s world, social media is the quickest way to reach the most people. Think about it: if five friends see your Facebook post and each donate $10, you’ve already made $50 — half your fundraising minimum! Share your fundraising link on your Instagram page, so your followers have a convenient way to support you.

Make a self-donation

Kick-start your fundraising with a self-donation! When people see you’ve already donated to yourself, they’ll be encouraged to follow your lead and support your efforts.

Share your page

Use your fundraising centre to share your page and ask people to donate! Simply use the share link option to text or email your page to potential donors — they’ll have all the information they need.

Who to ask for donations

When approaching people in your life for donations, consider everyone. Whether it be your dance teacher, hockey coach, hair stylist, dentist, you name it — these are all people who would love the opportunity to give to a good cause.

How to ask for donations


“When you’re going through cancer, it’s a lot at once. It is nice to know there are so many support services available to you through the Canadian Cancer Society.” — Laura Belford (middle), cancer survivor and post-secondary Relay participant

Earn milestone badges

When you reach certain fundraising milestones, we celebrate your achievements with a milestone badge. We’re so thankful for all your efforts, and want you to feel great about the difference you’re making.

Once you meet these fundraising milestones, your badge will appear on your fundraising page — so your friends and family can see how awesome you are, too! Be proud of your passion and know that your fundraising is a huge inspiration to others.

Want more fundraising ideas? We’ve got you covered. Check out how a bake sale, head shave, games night, and many more fun events can engage donors and take your fundraising to the next level.