Your impact

“As a parent, I want to create a better world for my kids. I don’t want them to fear cancer the way I did.” – Cari Miller, Relay For Life participant and committee member

cari miller relay for life

Why we Relay

Growing up, cancer made a lasting impact on Cari Miller’s life. Having lost grandparents to the disease, Cari experienced firsthand the devasting effect cancer can have on a family. When Cari’s best friend was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in university, she was there to witness again the toll that cancer takes on a person — and the worry, pain and fear that comes with it. Fast-forward to 15 years later, Cari’s best friend is cancer-free and ground-breaking advances in treatment have been made, but cancer continues to touch Cari and her family. With her stepfather recently having completed treatment, her involvement with the cancer cause is far from over.

With nearly 1 in 2 people expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, Cari is one of countless Canadians who has supported their family and friends as they cope with this disease. When you see those closest to you facing cancer, you feel the urge to do something. As a Relay For Life participant, Cari joins thousands of people across the country who have come together with their community to honour survivors, remember those we’ve lost, and show anyone recently diagnosed that they don’t have to face cancer alone.

Your impact

When you take part in Relay For Life, you enable research that can make ground–breaking advances in cancer treatment and save millions of lives. In the 1940s, the survival rate for Canadians with cancer was about 25%. Today, over 60% of those diagnosed will survive at least 5 years after their diagnosis.

With your help, think of where we will be in the future.

Whether you participate in Relay on your own or on a team, any amount you raise will help make a difference in people’s lives. Here are just some of the ways your individual, team and community fundraising is already making a real impact for those affected by cancer across the country:


helps to ensure that support is just a phone call away.


can give a cancer patient a ride to treatment. Simply getting to the hospital can often be a challenge, so giving someone safe and reliable transportation to their appointment helps ensure they get the lifesaving treatment they need.


will help researchers study tumour samples, which allows them to identify a person’s type of cancer and provide the best possible treatment.


lets 50 people with cancer (or their family and friends) access an online community of other people who’ve been affected by cancer. Talking to someone who understands can help a person cope with their own cancer journey.


covers the cost of the cancer cells needed for one research project, where a scientist can make a ground–breaking discovery.


will enable a young researcher to attend an important conference, present their work and meet other researchers in their field. Education and knowledge–sharing are essential to move research forward!


allows one cancer patient to participate in a clinical trial, where they can test potentially life–saving new treatments.


will fund one year of an Innovation Grant. We award this grant to the most promising cancer researchers in the country, enabling them to do with research with cutting–edge technology and test innovative methods to save and improve lives.

Last year, 110,000 youth and adults came together with their schools and communities at Relay For Life, raising $25 million. We’re so grateful for all you have done to improve and save lives. With your help, we can change the future of cancer for our children.