Provide gifts of hope for those who are persecuted for our faith. Below you will find a list of powerful gifts that will change the lives of countless persecuted believers. Thank you for standing with these Christians!

Help pastors and ministry leaders in some of the most dangerous parts of the world shepherd their flocks and remain firm in their faith by providing Bibles, training and other vital resources that will equip them to remain strong through persecution.
$120 - $1200 
Your gift will provide lifesaving shelter and aid to at-risk Christian refugees to help them stay in their country and survive this time of crisis.
$100 - $600 
For just $5, you can give a Bible, or other Christian resources, to a believer somewhere in the world who needs them the most.
$25 - $500 
For suffering Christians caught in the cross fire of violence around the world, your support will help provide critical medical care, training and more to help save lives.
$39 - $78 
Your gift will help protect believers who are on the run and whose lives are at risk because of their faith.
Place a Bible, or other Christian material, into the hands of children--to encourage them and help them grow in their faith.
$25 - $50 
Give Christian Bibles and storybooks to children.
$100 - $5000 
Programs like trauma counseling make a world of difference to children who have lost everything.
$75 - $375 
Support widows and other persecuted believers in the most dangerous parts of the world by providing critical support, income-generating activities and job-skills training to help them get back on their feet, remain strong in their faith and restore their broken lives.
$50 - $100 
A gift to provide practical, spiritual care to women suffering on the front lines of faith.
$26 - $104 
Provide job-skills training and other vital programs.
$74 - $222 
Help restore these churches and communities, while providing access to other crucial projects--giving believers hope so they know they haven't been forgotten.
$48 - $4300 
Your support provides a safe haven for our brothers and sisters in Christ during the storm--an opportunity to "catch their breath" and recover physically and emotionally from the violence persecution often brings.
$180 - $540 
Our Colombia Children's Home is a safe haven for orphans whose parents have been killed for their faith, as well as children whose parents find themselves in dangerous situations while ministering the gospel. This is a special place for special children to live and learn in safety.
$45 - $90 
Your support of Open Doors will help provide persecuted Christians around the world with the resources, training and materials they need the most...and show them they haven't been forgotten.
$65 - $270