Give meaningful gifts to encourage and strengthen our brothers and sisters in Christ suffering for their faith around the world!

Help believers in some of the most dangerous parts of the world remain firm in their faith by providing Bibles, discipleship training and other vital resources that will equip them to remain strong through persecution.
$120 - $1200 
Your gift will provide lifesaving shelter and aid to at-risk Christians to help them stay in their country and survive this time of crisis.
$100 - $600 
Invest in the faith of a new generation by giving an illustrated Bible to a child growing up in of the the world's most persecuted places. Children's Bibles are distributed through local churches, Sunday schools, religious education classes and other efforts conducted by Open Doors partners on the ground.
$50 - $500 
Provide interventional care when crises occur, including trauma counseling, medical care, safe shelter, legal advocacy and vocational support for crisis victims.
$100 - $1500 
When you give to "Where Needed Most," your generous gift will help equip and empower persecuted Christians by providing critical relief and strengthening support.
$30 - $300 
Persecution - Preparedness training is a persecution education and discipleship curriculum developed by Open Doors. It's used worldwide in local churches, daily devotionals and multiday conferences to teach a biblical perspective on persecution for seasoned and new believers alike. Give the gift of this discipleship material to help a persecuted believer stand strong through the storm.
$70 - $280 
Believers around the world face threats to their personal safety when they become followers of Jesus. Safe houses provide temporary protection in secret locations, and enable believers to strengthen their faith, earn an income, connect with a community and minister to others through their hardship.
$250 - $4000 
Persecuted believers endure traumatic events every day, including violent attacks, threats on their safety and freedom, being disowned by their families and community isolation. Provide a believer with the biblical counseling they need to process their trauma and rebuild a healthy life.
$75 - $750 
Women are Christianity's most persecuted group, especially when their families forsake them for becoming a follower of Jesus. Empower women to earn an income and build livelihoods for themselves and their families by giving the gift of vocational training. Beneficiaries of Open Doors vocational training learn skills such as sewing, agriculture and small business management.
$74 - $222 
Women and children are especially vulnerable to persecution when they face discrimination and lack family support. Empower the most vulnerable persecuted believers with vocational training, education provision, discipleship materials, trauma counseling, leadership development and literacy training that strengthens the Church by supporting its members.
$50 - $500