Read “Clouds: A Memoir” and start a book club to fight osteosarcoma

“Clouds: A Memoir” by Laura Sobiech

Learn more about Laura’s experience writing her book in our blog post, “Clouds: A Memoir” Q&A with Author Laura Sobiech. And be sure to leave a review for the book from your place of purchase after you've read and enjoyed it!

Fin Argus, who plays Zach in “Clouds,” is featured on the book cover.

“Clouds: A Memoir”

“I was certain that I was not going to survive losing a child, but I survived it, not because of anything special about me, but by God’s grace. My point in putting this book out there is that if I can touch one life, if I can help one person in the way that Zach helped so many, I’m happy.”

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We’ve created a tool kit you can download to host your own book club, complete with ideas for hosting it virtually and questions you can discuss while reading. . Donate today to receive the tool kit and get started.

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By starting a book club and asking your friends and family to contribute to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund, you’re helping finish what Zach started. You’re helping raise awareness and funds that will create better treatments and a better future for kids and teens with osteosarcoma.

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