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Sacred Heart Shelter: 232 Warren Avenue North; 285.7489

Taste Restaurant at Seattle Art Museum: 1300 First Avenue; 903.5291
Queen Anne Books: 1811 Queen Anne Avenue North; 283.5624
Dulces Latin Bistro: 1430 34th Avenue (Madrona); 322.5453
Wild Salmon Seafood Market: 1900 West Nickerson (Fisherman's Terminal, Magnolia),
        and 2401 Queen Anne Avenue North (Queen Anne); 217.3474
Senor Moose Café: 5242 Leary Avenue Northwest (Ballard); 784.5568



40 Seasonal Soups is a cookbook of wonderful, seasonal soup recipes.  All of these delicious recipes were contributed by the Seattle area's best chefs and restaurants, from local gems to those that are nationally renowned.  This user-friendly cookbook celebrates soup as the ultimate comfort food.  Extremely versatile, soup can start, finish or headline any meal—and can range from luxuriously decadent to fundamentally basic, easily modified to fit any budget.   
40 Seasonal Soups features 10 amazing soup recipes per season (totaling 40 accessible recipes) and is an exciting addition to any kitchen.  Included in the book are lists of the Pacific Northwest’s seasonal produce, personal stories of women and families who have benefited from Sacred Heart Shelter, and a detailed list of contributing restaurants and specialty markets.  40 Seasonal Soups makes the perfect hostess, holiday or birthday gift and provides you with a wonderful opportunity to give back to those who need it most.
Sacred Heart Shelter is located on lower Queen Anne and  is a temporary shelter that offers a safe, home-like refuge to homeless families and single women in Seattle.  Sacred Heart functions under the premise that every person is entitled to a safe place to sleep.  We believe that the transition from homelessness to becoming a contributing member of society is one that takes time, effort and perseverance and Sacred Heart Shelter operates as a support network for people as they go through that process. The staff works with residents to develop goals, obtain health and dental care, job and parent training, child care and ongoing support and assistance towards the ultimate goal of locating stable, permanent housing.   
With your purchase of 40 Seasonal Soups, you’ve earmarked money to be used immediately by Sacred Heart Shelter.  For more information as to how you can donate your time, your self and your finances to the residents of Sacred Heart, please visit
To purchase and pick up cookbooks in person, please contact Sacred Heart Shelter at 206-285-7489.

Sacred Heart Shelter is a program of Catholic Community Services of Western Washington.     

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