Ask your representative to pass a bonding bill to complete Dorothy Day Place

Dorothy Day Place will provide hope for underserved populations, including veterans, people with significant mental and physical health challenges, elders and young adults—in a coordinated and dignified setting. Click here for more information about this transformative project.

The results of this year’s legislative session are critical to completing the second phase of Dorothy Day Place. You can help. Urge your State Representative to finish the job and fully fund Dorothy Day in the bonding bill this session.


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Please pass a bonding that will complete the work of building Dorothy Day Place!

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Because of broad public and bipartisan support, Catholic Charities opened the first phase of the new Dorothy Day Place in January. Men and women who have found themselves in difficult circumstances now have the dignified shelter and support they deserve at Higher Ground Saint Paul.

But there is more work to do to meet the needs of our vulnerable neighbors who experience homelessness.

Please prioritize the needs of our community's youth, veterans and others experiencing homelessness by passing a bonding bill that includes $12 million in general obligation bonds and at least $35 million for housing infrastructure bonds, both of which are critical to completing Dorothy Day Place, a public-private partnership to prevent and end homelessness.

The Saint Paul Opportunity Center will feature a Veterans Resource Hub; physical, mental, and chemical health services; employment training programs and job search assistance; housing search and placement services; financial and legal support services; as well as meals, showers, laundry, and storage facilities. Dorothy Day Residence, located above the Saint Paul Opportunity Center, will provide 171 permanent housing units, including housing for young adults and a preference for veterans.

Everyone in our community benefits when those most in need have the support they deserve to move toward stability and permanent housing. Please support and pass a bonding bill that will complete the work of building Dorothy Day Place.

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