Fuller Landau 13th Annual Cedars CanSupport Dragon Boat Race & Festival - Cedars Cancer Foundation

Dragon Boat Race & Festival

FL Fuller Landau presents the 14th annual Cedars CanSupport Dragon Boat Race and Festival, Saturday, September 7th, 2019.

Staged on and along the waterfront of Montreal’s scenic Promenade Père-Marquette in Lachine, the FL Fuller Landau Cedars CanSupport Dragon Boat Race & Festival is a full day of competition and festivities. Participation in the event begins well before Race Day: 20 paddlers join together to create a Dragon Boat team and work together to raise a minimum of $12,500 per boat prior to Race Day ($625 per paddler).

Participating paddlers are supported in their fundraising efforts with an interactive website, free dragon boat practices, and the Cedars Cancer Foundation team to encourage and help with fundraising ideas and activities. To make it more fun and to add to the competitive nature of this event, we offer all teams two (2) free dragon boat training and practice sessions in the months leading up to the event (June and August)

Cedars CanSupport

All funds raised through the FL Fuller Landau Cedars CanSupport Dragon Boat Race and Festival go directly to Cedars CanSupport.

Cedars CanSupport is a program at the MUHC, Cedars Cancer Centre. In collaboration with the healthcare team, Cedars CanSupport provides complementary support complimenting conventional treatment, improving the quality of life of cancer patients and their families.

CanSupport is comprised of professional staff and trained volunteers all with the shared goal of providing emotional support, education services, complementary therapies and practical resources to cancer patients and their support networks.

Who does CanSupport assist:

Targeted programming is also offered for young adults (18-39) living with cancer.

What role does CanSupport serve:

Cedars Cancer Foundation

For the past 50 years, Cedars Cancer Foundation has lead the way in charitable donation in Montreal. A hospital based charity, Cedars Cancer Foundation’s mission is to support comprehensive cancer care for all cancer patients: pediatric, adolescent, young adult, adulty and those in palliative care, who are being treated at the MUHC.

Through the proceeds raised through fundraising events, such as the FL Fuller Landau Cedars CanSupport Dragon Boat Race & Festival, corporate and individual donations, major gifts, planned giving and dedicated funds, Cedars Cancer Foundation is able to:

About Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat racing originated in Southern China and gained widespread popularity in North America in the 1970s. It has become one of the most popular team watersports given its appeal as a corporate team building activity and a fun, team-based, competitive fundraising mechanism.

Each Dragon Boat holds 20 paddlers, 1 steer person and 1 drummer. The challenge and excitement of dragon boat racing lines in the synchronization of the paddler’s cohesive strokes, not in the paddlers’ strength. All 20 paddlers, regardless of experience or skill level, work to paddle together to gain momentum and glide seemingly effortlessly in the water.

Following research done by a Canadian doctor in the 1990s, dragon boat racing gained popularity amongst cancer patients and cancer survivors as it was deemed of great benefit to their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

Dragon Boat racing continues to inspire not only cancer patients and survivors but by all those in their networks of care through its ability to bring together people from various backgrounds for a common cause.



Anthony Calvillo Grey Cup Quarterback Champion Alexia Calvillo - Cancer Survivor "Alexia and I began as spokespeople for the Cedars CanSupport Dragon Boat Race & Festival, we have each waged our own battles with this awful disease. Knowing first-hand the devastating effects of cancer, and the necessity of the services Cedars CanSupport provides, we are honoured to continue to stand behind such an amazing event."




Alexandre Despatie Canadian Olympic Diving Medalist "This Dragon Boat Race & Festival has been so close to my heart. Come out for a day of paddling and fun. Join me in our fundraising efforts and together we can make a huge difference for all those patients battling cancer today!!"