2021 Cedars Cancer Ride for Hope

Cedars Cancer

Ride for Hope



The mission of this ride is to raise funds for the creation of a new Cell Therapy Unit under the direction of Dr.Pierre Laneuville of the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal QC. Cell Therapy / Immunotherapy has shown new promise in the treatment of blood cancers and other applications and is being utilized as an alternative to certain forms of chemotherapy. By establishing this unit, doctors, researchers and patients will benefit from this promising and burgeoning area of research in the fight against cancer.

Dr. Pierre Laneuville
Dr. Pierre Laneuville

The Ride for Hope and Gratitude will be benefitting the Hematology/Oncology Cell Therapy for Blood Cancers under the leadership of Dr. Pierre Laneuville at the Cedars Cancer Foundation. Dr. Laneuville is the Associate Professor of Oncology at the McGill University Health Centre, past President of the Canadian Hematological Society and past Chairman of the Canadian Consensus Group on the Management of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. His current mission is to establish a cell therapy unit in the Centre for Innovative Medicine at the MUHC for varied applications, including the treatment of cancer.