19th Edition of Splash & Dash - Sarah's Fund for Cedars

Ambassador's Program

Sarah’s Fund Student Ambassador: We are inviting grade 9, 10 and 11 students to become Sarah’s Fund student ambassadors. Our student ambassadors will lead the charge of motivating their school to participate in Splash & Dash by organizing teams and motivating their peers. This position will allow students to get a closer look into Sarah’s Fund for Cedars by becoming the representative of this great cause and allowing them to take initiative in helping to plan small fundraisers and providing information about Splash & Dash and the opportunities available to their school community. All students who successfully complete the ambassadorship program will be given a letter of completion and recommendation.

Taking part in Sarah’s Fund Ambassador Program looks great on post-secondary applications, scholarships, CVs and resumes. Whether applying for post-secondary or applying for a part time job, The program allows students the opportunity to gain leadership opportunities outside of their formal education.

The program welcomes grade 7 and 8 students. We will tailor a program best suited for them.


What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?


2020 Sarah’s Fund Ambassador Requirements and Expectations:

▢ Recruit 2 teams for Splash & Dash 2020 (3 people/team)
▢ Raise $250.00+ in school fundraisers (e.g. bake sale, free dress day)
▢ Create a 30 second video for social media to promote Splash & Dash
▢ Hold an information session at school assembly
▢ Track progress with Cedars Cancer Foundation contact