19th Edition of Splash & Dash - Sarah's Fund for Cedars

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Where does the money go?
All proceeds from the Splash & Dash will support Sarah’s Fund for Cedars.
They have made it their mission to make a meaningful difference in every child’s life that has been touched by cancer at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.
Sarah’s Fund is dedicated to supporting the needs of young cancer patients and their families by providing the best care for young cancer patients on Sarah’s Floor.

How can I be a sponsor for Splash & Dash?

For all sponsorship information please contact Wendy Lutfy at wendy.lutfy@cedarsevents.ca

How many people do I need on my team?
One to three people.

What is the deadline for donations?
We encourage all participants to submit all donations before race weekend, October 23-25th, 2020. For the fundraising competition, all donations must be in by race weekend. However, donations will continue to be accepted after the event weekend.

How can I donate?
We encourage online donations. Donations can be made by check or cash and mailed or dropped off at Sarah's Fund for Cedars - Cedars Cancer Foundation (1310 Greene Avenue, Suite 520, Westmount, Quebec, H3Z 2B2.