19th Edition of Splash & Dash - Sarah's Fund for Cedars

What is Splash & Dash?

Splash & Dash a unique and fun filled weekend of friendly competition where high school students, friends, families, corporate sponsors and our hero’s on Sarah’s Floor participate in a virtual step challenge.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this years virtual step challenge. There are 4 registration categories to choose from:


Splash Bike Splash Swim Splash Run 



This year we are going to use an online platform to challenge you and your teammates. Either in a team of three or alone you can join the challenge. Simply select a step challenge level of your choice, set your fundraising goal and will have from October 23rd to October 25th to complete your challenge.

Either walk, run, hike or golf there are so many ways to join the virtual step challenge!!!!

In the Spirit of Splash & Dash, we encourage all participants to walk outside while maintain a healthy distance from others.

Man and Boy Splash Hero 1 Splash Hero 2

Heroes and Celebrities Race on CTV - 2011

Splash & Dash 2020 Race Chart EN revised


Splash Race 1 Splash Race 2 Splash Race 3