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Alex Chacon


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Let's meet Alex! 

Alex Chacon is the President of Bishop Mora Salesian High School in Los Angeles. Here are few fun facts about him and why he is excited to run for CEF! Alex has not been running much lately but has participated in a few 5Ks in the past. Alex ran cross country as a high schooler at Salesian and he’s gotten the chance to watch his wife run the LA Marathon for the last 10 years. “I'm hoping some of her training will rub off on me.” Alex’s fondest CEF memory actually happens every year. “[I go through it every year] when we see families arrive on campus each Fall, with CEF award letters in hand and big smiles. I imagine it was the same reaction my parents had when I was a CEF student at Salesian.” CEF asked how Alex will be training for the L.A. Marathon and he says, “I'll be gradually building up my mileage base and working steadily on my mental focus. I don't want to get injured, so I'll be keeping a running journal to see what is working and what is not. I'll be using a few wearables to track my conditioning along the way, so it'll be a good experiment. I'll also be shedding lots of weight (and tears) during the holiday season as I'll need to take a pass on the tamales and focus on my diet quite a bit. Thanks a lot CEF.” Alex’s favorite movie is McFarland USA, where Salesian is actually mentioned in the movie! Lastly, we asked Alex why he chose to run for CEF, and he enthusiastically responded, “I think more people in Los Angeles should know about the great work of the Catholic Education Foundation.  If my participation helps to increase awareness of the tremendous gift of Catholic education and how CEF makes it a reality, then running 26.2 miles is the least I can do!”

Recent Donations:

Ruby Ugalde - $20
1/20/2019 - Kick some Asphalt!

Join Alex as he runs for CEF! Your donation will allow Alex the opportunity to spread awareness of the importance of a Catholic education. Together, YOU and Alex will be supporting the 10,000 CEF Students across more than 200 schools in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties!

“100% of your gift goes directly to providing tuition assistance for a child!”

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