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Let's meet Victoria! 

Victoria Rodriguez is the Development Assistant and Grants Researcher for CEF. Victoria says that she can’t wait to get out there to spread awareness of the importance of having a Catholic education and how impactful it is on students and their families! CEF asked what Victoria’s most fondest memory of CEF was and she replied by saying, “When I got hired! …okay, yeah that’s one of my favorite moments but I loved when I was able to visit the schools during the “on-site” application process, because there is where I was able to hear stories from families on how CEF has made such a great impact on them. They are so grateful for their children to have a Catholic Education.” CEF asked how long Vicky has been running and she said, “It has been a few years since I’ve ran but since I play softball, that’s usually when I get my running in. Now that I am running for the CEF Racing Team, I have started getting back in to my workout routine.” Victoria says she will record her marathon training by using the Nike Run Club app, so that she can be guided through the process. She states that she also has the support of her friends and family, so that’ll also help her as she trains over the next 15 weeks. Vicky’s favorite movie that includes running is definitely a popular amongst most, Forest Gump. Victoria says if there is a mantra that will guide her for the next 3 months, it will be “Run Forrest, Run!, but in this case her family would be saying “Corre Vicky, Corre! [Run Vicky, Run!]” A fun fact about Victoria is that she loves baseball and her favorite team is the Los Angeles Dodgers. “Having the starting point of the race at Dodger Stadium is exciting! I love the logistics of a baseball game. I see the race as a game, so for the next 15 weeks it’s like if I’m going to the World Series.” Victoria’s goal is to finish the race with a decent time, especially since she has never run a marathon.

Recent Donations:

Dora Rodriguez - $20

Ayodele Dasilva - $50
2/9/2019 - Good luck

Adrian Barrios - $25
2/16/2019 - Such an awesome cause; so proud of you!

Yasmine Rivera - $40
2/17/2019 - Good luck kiki!

Cynthia A Carrillo - $100

Karla Macias - $10
3/18/2019 - Thanks for Caring

Jesse Rodriguez - $50
3/18/2019 - I believe in you
Lorna Saenz - $50

Jessica Cruz - $20
3/23/2019 - Good Luck!

Vanessa Gallegos - $25
3/23/2019 - Go Vicky!!! <3V&Johnny

Gloria Fonseca - $30
3/29/2019 - Better late than never :( so sorry. And sorry you are in pain, but you did it!! so proud of you.

Join Victoria as she runs for CEF! Your donation will allow Victoria the opportunity to spread awareness of the importance of a Catholic education. Together, YOU and Victoria will be supporting the 10,000 CEF Students across more than 200 schools in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties!

“100% of your gift goes directly to providing tuition assistance for a child!”

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