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Raymond Saborio


Raymond Saborio

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Let's meet Raymond! 

Raymond Saborio is the Principal at Sacred Heart High School in Los Angeles and is excited to be running for the CEF Racing Team! Although not really a runner, he says he will run when he has to. Along with Forest Gump being one of his favorite running movies, he also snowboards, plays softball and loves a good celebratory glass of wine. CEF asked how he will be training for the Los Angeles Marathon this year, and he states, “I’ll start my training AFTER the holiday season… after I eat all those tamales, the goal is to start jogging and then begin running!” The main goal for Mr. Saborio is to finish the race. When Raymond thinks about his fondest CEF memory, he says it has to be CEF’s 30th anniversary on the field of the Rose Bowl. “What an inspiring night! CEF has made a huge impact on the lives of our students! Without CEF, many schools would be closed and many students would not have an opportunity at HOPE. It’s a small way to give back to a cause that has given so much, to so many!”

Recent Donations:

Maria Pina - $20
1/16/2019 - Thank you for doing this for our students.

Margaret Brown - $25
1/19/2019 - Go Raymond go!!

Alice J Collier - $100
2/28/2019 - Keep running all the way to Ruckersville...would love to see you. Lots of love and luck.

Amalia Haro - $25
2/28/2019 - You're Awesome!! You can do it!! Thank you for all you do!!

Cecilia Ramos - $100
3/1/2019 - Go Raymond!

Angela Coleman - $100
3/1/2019 - May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be with you every step of the race! I very much appreciate your efforts.

Dianne Flores - $30
3/2/2019 - Awesome way to "take one for the team"!!

Al Reynaga - $50
3/4/2019 - Glad to help, I hope you survive!

Margarita Mendoza - $20
3/5/2019 - Thank you for taking on this challenge for our students. While I hope the run is self-rewarding for you, I am certain the outcome will be beneficial to our students and community.

Grant Kinman - $25
3/5/2019 - Be fast. Be unstoppable. - Mr. Kinman

Denise & Robert Bacall - $100
3/5/2019 - Run Ray Run! You can do it! Thanks for all you do!

Elizabeth Collier - $10
3/6/2019 - Good luck Raymond!!

Rosie Aldana - $50
3/7/2019 - What are you thinking??? LOL! No pain no gain - good luck

Irene Recendez - $100
3/7/2019 - Go Raymond!!!

Alessandra Farfan - $20
3/8/2019 - Be Empowered. Be Unstoppable! 

Sagrario Estrella - $20
3/8/2019 - Good luck my friend! You can do it.
Denise De La Rosa - $100
3/8/2019 - Go for it. You can do it!

Luz Ojeda - $130
3/9/2019 - Good luck Boss. You'll do great!

Lucia Saborio- $40
3/11/2019 - You can do it!
Anita Solis- $100
3/12/2019 - Praying for you! We know you can do it!
Joseph Neeb- $25
3/13/2019 - Best wishes.

Gabriela Segura- $279
3/14/2019 - Best of luck!

Robert Vega- $40
3/15/2019 - Run Ray Run.....

Adriana Gonzalez- $31
3/15/19 - You can do it!!!

Elvia Hernandez - $20
3/16/2019 - Do great! Finish strong!

Naomi Cornejo - $25
3/18/2019 - Good luck! Perseverance!

Larry Medeiros - $31
3/19/2019 - Congrats on reaching your goal! Run for your health not pride.

Desiree Zubia - $31
3/19/2019 - You got this!

Carrie Tilton - $100
3/19/2019 - Go Raymond! You can do it!

Olivia Carrillo - $40
3/20/2019 - Good luck, Raymond!

Vincent ODonoghue - $20
3/21/2019 - Running with you in spirit Raymond! Thanks for doing this for all the students who received CEF!
Thom Gasper - $10
3/21/2019 - Good luck Raymond!

Mary Colias - $100
3/22/2019 - Best of luck....remember we'll be cheering for you.

Join Raymond as he runs for CEF! Your donation will allow Raymond the opportunity to spread awareness of the importance of a Catholic education. Together, YOU and Raymond will be supporting the 10,000 CEF Students across more than 200 schools in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties!

“100% of your gift goes directly to providing tuition assistance for a child!”

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