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Let's meet Jacqueline! 

Jacqueline Lucero is the Vice Principal at Bishop Conaty - Our Lady of Loretto High School in Los Angeles. She has been running since “last week!” says Jacqueline. She is excited about being the First Women Runner on the CEF Racing Team and is very thrilled to be taking her first steps : ) “Yo hablo tres idiomas, Español, English and Français. I also enjoy watching Spanish telenovelas and traveling”. Jackie says that her favorite running movie is Unbroken, as it depicts the story of an Olympic athlete who overcame adversity...against all odds… “Those last miles may be the odds I need to overcome in March”. When asked how she will be training for the marathon her response was, “Fortunately, I have the support of my family, friends and colleagues. I have many people around me, especially my 15 year-old son who runs cross country and has enthusiastically agreed to run with me. I have made a schedule, so there is always someone running with me”. Jacqueline’s goal for the race is to push beyond where she thinks she can go. She aims to not only challenge herself to finish the race, but also to exceed her fundraising goal! Jacqueline adds, “I was invited to speak at a CEF board meeting last year to share my personal CEF experience. Reflecting upon what to say made me realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks to the help of this wonderful organization [Bishop Conaty], I was able to receive a Catholic education which is something my mother strongly believed in. Through that experience I was inspired to become an administrator at the school I once attended. I am honored to represent CEF! Helping to build awareness for CEF and the powerful gift of Catholic education is one way for me to give back in gratitude for what I have received”.

Recent Donations:

Diane Techam - $10 
12/21/2018 - Run Jackie Run!!!

Arturo Lopez - $50
12/23/2018 - You got this, good luck

Angelina Camacho - $10
12/29/2018 - Send me a pic of your medal

Michael Sifter - $150
12/31/2018 - Go Jackie!!!

Leonard Shenkin - $100
1/10/2019 - Good luck

Aaron Richards - $20
1/25/2019 - Win, Win, Win, Win!

George Zedan - $250
1/30/2019 - Let's goooooooo Jacq, that medal belongs to YOU!!! I know you'll make it happen.

Jennifer Jimenez - $20
1/31/2019 - LOVE YOU MS. LUCERO!!!!

Lisa Primero-Solano - $40
2/5/2019 - Good luck my friend!!

Mercedes Erazo - $20
2/5/2019 - Pon tu mente y corazon y lograras tu meta! Felicidades!

Maria Huerta - $10
2/5/2019 - Show them how it's done!

Eileen Cameron - $50
2/6/2019 - So proud of you! You are as good as gold!
Sifter Family - $100
2/6/2019 - Blessings!

Angelina Kim - $20
2/7/2019 - Ms. Lucero!!! You are inspiration to students at Bishop Conaty-Loretto HS. We could not have asked for a better vice principal. You are very caring, understanding, and BEAUTIFUL! I love you very much! YOU WILL DO GREAT! <3 
Alexandra Bogan - $40
2/9/2019 - You're amazing and a great example to all of us! Go for it!

Miguel Altamirano - $150
2/11/2019 - Sissy, you make your baby brother proud. To see you turn your cant's into cans, and your dreams in to plans brings me so much joy. Sissy, yes you can!

Andrea Friedlander - $50
2/11/2019 - Good luck Jackie!
Frank Altamirano - $25
2/12/2019 - You got this Sis! I am proud of your determination and leadership. 
Antoine Munfakh - $100
2/12/2019 - Good luck!

Shaya Braverman - $80
2/12/2019 - I love and support miguel and his family! Good luck!

George Navarro - $10
2/12/2019 - Good luck!

Patrick Clerk - $50
2/12/2019 - You are Beautiful!! You will make the Marathon great!! Have fun we are proud of you!! Good Luck

James McClune - $50
2/12/2019 - Jackie, I will say a Rosary for your successful completion of the race (maybe it should be two Rosaries.) Bonne chnace!

Pat Parodi - $20
2/12/2019 - Go Jackie!!

Andrea Jenoff - $50
2/13/2019 - Go Team!

Lorena Quesada - $50
2/15/2019 - So proud of you GF!

Carol Kim - $20
2/15/2019 - Go Jackie go!

Timothy Lewis - $25
2/15/2019 - Go Jackie!

Maureen Manion - $100
2/15/2019 - You go girl!!!

Lupita Hernandez - $20
2/18/2019 - Ms. Lucero, you are the most incredible person I know! I love you very much!!! YOU GOT THIS!

Otis Hawkins - $20
2/19/2019 - From Coach Otis & Coach Edgar. Good luck!! You got this!!!

Thomas H. Barron - $50
2/22/2019 - Great meeting you at the CEF dinner last week. Go for the Gold! Tom and Margot

Daiman Johnson - $40
2/22/2019 - Let's Geaux Wildcat!!!!!

Matthew Lucero - $20
2/25/2019 - Good luck, mother. My brothers and I are very proud of what you will achieve. We are glad to see how far you have come. We love you.

Mason Bendewald - $50
2/26/2019 - Run Jackie Run!

Ramon Rodriguez - $20
3/4/2019 - Best of luck Jackie. You got this.

Diana Valente - $25
3/6/2019 - You got this Jackie, Gods speed n GO BCL we are so proud of you!

Cristina Dimatulac - $10
3/7/2019 - Jackie, you'll do great!

Miguel Altamirano - $23
3/7/2019 - Sissy, you have displayed incredible dedication in your training. You continue to make me and the family proud. We love you, Miguel, Frank, Totina

Billy Hernandez-Altamirano - $30
3/7/2019 - Way to go sis! Always remember "If your not first your last" Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights

Damian Delaney - $20
3/11/2019 - I'm so very proud of you, Jackie!!!!! You're amazing!!!!

Brian Lazo - $25
3/12/2019 - Good Luck!

Jeff Kearin - $20
3/14/2019 - You are awesome for doing this.

Janet Chambers - $20
3/14/2019 Run Like the Wind...Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Cynthia Cales - $25
3/15/2019 - Jackie, you are a star!!

Bishop Conaty - Our Lady of Loretto High School Students - $147

Thom Gasper - $10
3/21/2019 - Way to represent for a great cause Theresa! Good luck!

Alexei Smith - $50
3/21/2019 - You are an inspiration to us all at Conaty-OLL! Father Alexei

Geraldine Prado - $50
3/21/2019 - Good luck Jackie. I'm sure you will do great!

Alejandra Frutos-Silva - $20
3/21/2019 - "Si Se Puede" !!!! You got this Ms. Lucero!!!!

Ammons Smith - $10
3/22/2019 - Difficult task become easier when they are mastered by people of greatness. Step up!!! Let's Go..

Nikki Corso - $10
3/22/2019 - Have fun!

Guillermina Zarate - $50
3/22/2019 - Jackie, You're going to do great! Those 26.2 got nothing on you! Keep one foot in front of the other, and just keep moving! Enjoy the experience! - Billie

Sara McCarthy - $25
3/23/2019 - Go Jackie! What a great accomplishment! BCL is lucky to have you!

Janet Krutosik - $50
3/23/2019 - You are beautiful inside and out and an amazing woman

Cynde Foreman - $25
3/24/2019 - You got this!!

Judith Barragan - $10
3/23/2019 - Usted puede...mucha suerte!

Michel Hesia - $50
3/28/2019 - U did it sister, love u

Richard Heisa - $10
3/28/2019 - Good job Tia !

Roy Sanchez - $10
3/28/2019 - Way to go!

Yvonne Hernandez - $10
3/28/2019 - Love, Josie

Mimi Capra - $10
3/29/2019 - #proud laluu

Join Jacqueline as she runs for CEF! Your donation will allow Jacqueline the opportunity to spread awareness of the importance of a Catholic education. Together, YOU and Jacqueline will be supporting the 10,000 CEF Students across more than 200 schools in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties!

“100% of your gift goes directly to providing tuition assistance for a child!”

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