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Alexa Zaragoza


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Let's meet Alexa! 

Alexa Zaragoza is a current CEF Senior at Sacred Heart High School in Los Angeles. CEF asked her why she choose to run for CEF and she proclaimed, “I am running for CEF because I want to represent the foundation that helped my family, especially being that I have been a CEF recipient since I have been in elementary school!” A fun fact about Alexa is that even though she has asthma, she still purses running! Alexa has been running since July 2015, just before starting her freshman year. “My goal for this race is to finish under 5 hours” says Alexa! CEF asked how she will be training in order to meet her running goal, and she confidently stated, “I will be training for the LA Marathon with my track team and I will be getting out for long runs on Sundays.” Her favorite running movie is McFarland, USA. CEF is absolutely excited to have their First CEF student and wanted to find out what Alexa’s fondest memory of CEF was, and she expressed, “One of my most fondest CEF moments is to be able to help my family, financially, through my own academic achievements.” GO ALEXA!


Recent Donations:

John Pang - $50 
12/21/2018 - I'm happy to run with you on Sundays

Susanna Ulloa - $50 
12/29/2018 - Congratulations Alexa Maria!! The Ulloa Family is proud of you!

Vanessa Ulloa - $20 
1/20/2019 - Good luck Alexa! Me and Ruben are rooting for your <3

Join Alexa as she runs for CEF! Your donation will allow Alexa the opportunity to spread awareness of the importance of a Catholic education. Together, YOU and Alexa will be supporting the 10,000 CEF Students across more than 200 schools in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties!

“100% of your gift goes directly to providing tuition assistance for a child!”

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