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Let's meet Lynne! 

Lynne is very excited to be a part of the CEF Racing Team and to be raising awareness and funds for the 10,000 students we provide tuition assistance to within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Lynne was a sprinter in high school and ran the LA Marathon when she was a senior at USC! CEF asked if Lynne had a “Fun Fact” that most people wouldn’t know about her and she replied, “I walked onto the USC track team for a day until I realized the level of talent!” Training is very important to Lynne, rain or shine, and she says she will be making sure that she has “miles and miles” under her belt in order to get trained for the marathon. “The goal is to finish!” says Lynne. Lynne has been a long-time supporter of the CEF mission and has been stepping up in a huge way by assisting our catholic schools in their outreach by helping to raise funds at St. Frances X Cabrini. Lynne says she is running for CEF to “raise funds for many students in LA to get a quality, Catholic education”. We thank Lynne for her commitment and dedication to our youth and to future generations! GO LYNNE!


 Recent Donations:

Mark Burton - $50

Albert Hughes - $50
1/27/2019 - Yayy!! Exciting and have a great time!! Xxoo

Steve and Gretchen Battaglia - $50
1/27/2019 - Good luck, Lynne!

Doris Pregenzer - $100
1/27/2019 - I know you can do it - good luck!

Colette Mueller - $100
1/27/2019 - You are amazing! What a great way to raise much needed funds!! We'll be cheering you on!!

Elizabeth Lopez - $100
1/28/2019 - Go Lynne!!! Make it Happen!!!

Deborah Denhart - $100
1/28/2019 - I know how impotant CEF is to you...they are lucky to have your support. Go Lynne!

Margaret Grant - $100
1/28/2019 - Go Lynne! I'll say a prayer that you get a fresh burst of energy at mile 20 when you hit that proveribal "wall"!

Elizabeth Alexander - $100
1/28/2019 - Super inspiring Lynn!!!

Sheila Daniel - $100
1/28/2019 - Lynne, You are a role model and an inspiration. Have a super fun and safe marathon and I can't wait to hear all about your run. With love, Sheila Daniel

Lisa Bacich - $100
1/28/2019 - Marco, Kate, Rebecca and I will be cheering for you. This is such a worthy cause - Go Team Lynne :) - Lisa

Brenda Higgins - $100
1/28/2019 - I love your "fun fact"!!! Good luck Lynne!!

Kristine Schumacher - $200
1/28/2019 - Way to go Lynne!!!!

Elizabeth Bjorn - $100
1/29/2019 - So impressive Lynne, as you always are! You'll do great!

Tim and Kristen Phillips - $100
1/29/2019 - So the cause is worthy but the fact you are actually running a marathon is beyond!

Laura Cox - $100
1/29/2019 - Good Luck Lynne!

Colleen Ludwig - $100
1/29/2019 - Go Lynne! Good luck and enjoy the run!!

Mary Kutsenda - $100
1/29/2019 - Run, Lynne, run!

Janette Flintoft - $20
1/29/2019 - Good luck!

Patricia Carlson - $100
1/30/2019 - Go Lynne!!

Stephanie Maruyama - $50
1/30/2019 - Way to go Lynne!

Terri Warren - $50
1/30/2019 - Go Lynne!

Marge Helms - $50
1/31/2019 - Good Luck Lynne. I know that you can do it. I am so proud of you!!

Louise Nelson - $100
2/1/2019 - Dave and I will be out on the course cheering you on March 24th!

Elizabeth Sammann - $100
2/2/2019 - Good luck Lynne! So proud of you.

Kelly Costopoulos - $100
2/4/2019 - Good Luck Lynne! If anyone can make it happen it is YOU!

Teresa Carlson - $250
2/11/2019 - Go Lynne!!!

Charmaine Cosky - $200
2/11/2019 - You go girl!

Mikelyn Dooley - $250
2/11/2019 - You are a true inspiration, Lynne! Love u

Martha Radanovich - $100
2/12/2019 - Way to Go Lynn!!! Dave and Marty

Molly McKenzie Swarts - $100
2/13/2019 - This is great Lynne!

Lanie Kepuraitis - $50
2/18/2019 - Best wishes Lynne! I know you will do great and reach your goal!!

Join Lynne as she runs for CEF! Your donation will allow Lynne the opportunity to spread awareness of the importance of a Catholic education. Together, YOU and Lynne will be supporting the 10,000 CEF Students across more than 200 schools in the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties!

“100% of your gift goes directly to providing tuition assistance for a child!”

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